Afrikaans Translation Services

Afrikaans is one of the 11 languages of South Africa, spoken in Namibia and Botswana. There are about 15 to 23 million Afrikaans speakers worldwide. As a result, the need for Afrikaans translation services is rising.

Afrikaans is no longer restricted to South Africa but is gaining importance worldwide. Today, the global economy revolves around accurate communication skills. Yes, languages used to be a barrier in the past. But with language translation services, it is not anymore.

Hiring Afrikaans translation services for your business can be helpful. You have a language expert for translating documents and interpreting conversations. The translators are familiar with the culture and avoid miscommunication. Since Afrikaans is unfamiliar to many, a translation service comes in handy.

At Wordsburg, our primary focus is on providing high-quality Afrikaans translation services. Our team of expert translators is adept at languages and culture. They are adept at translating documents with accuracy and precision.

We have expertise in Afrikaans translation services for user manuals, reports, and more. We also offer Afrikaans language translation services for website content. 

The translators at Wordsburg are specialists in a variety of sectors. We understand that every industry has its language, jargon, and challenges. We provide industry-specific Afrikaans translation services catering to the needs of global enterprises. They are familiar with the terminology and jargon used in different sectors.

Wordsburg offers a choice of Afrikaans translation services, which include:

  • Technical translation
  • Medical translation
  • Legal translation
  • Financial translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Website translation.

Our Afrikaans translation services can help you translate documents from English to Afrikaans. We provide translation aid for businesses, legal, or personal projects.

Here at Wordsbug, we provide you with a riches, scalable translation experience. We undertake a variety of skilled individuals, innovative methods, and specialized technology. Wordsburg is popular for its genuine, high-quality translations at a reasonable price.


Wordsburg provides Afrikaans language translation services for businesses across the globe. Our team of experienced translators promises accuracy and efficiency throughout. Our team is available 24×7 for all types of Afrikaans language translation projects.

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