Facebook Marketing: Using Content to Convert Likes into Leads

Facebook Marketing remains a vital element of your strategy. With an impressive 2.93 billion daily active users, Facebook continues to be the unrivaled force, thanks, in part, to all those memes your relatives shared, solidifying its position as the world’s foremost social media platform.

But how is it beneficial in a marketing context?

For 54.9% of Facebook users, the platform serves as their primary destination for brand research. Notably, 66% of all Facebook users regularly explore local business Pages at least once weekly.

Consider the 2017 holiday season – Pandora, a jewelry company, wanted to enhance brand visibility within the German market and assess whether video ads could be a success. To test this, Pandora chose Facebook to adapt a successful TV commercial for the platform.

Pandora’s Facebook Marketing Commercial

The original ad was reduced to a concise 15-second clip depicting a woman receiving a Pandora necklace from her partner. The campaign not only heightened brand sentiment during the festive season, registering a substantial 10-point lift in favorability, but also resulted in financial success. It yielded a 61% increase in purchases and a substantial 42% growth in new buyers.

If you have a business in the works, it’s time to embrace Facebook. We’re here to help you take the plunge and kickstart your marketing and meta ads journey. 

Understanding Facebook Marketing And Advertising

Facebook has a presence of over 90 million businesses, and a staggering 1.88 billion users engage with the platform on a daily basis. 

Given the active pursuit of customers by businesses on this platform, establishing your presence becomes a logical step. 

Additionally, 45% of global internet users use social media platforms like Facebook to research products before purchasing. Intuitively, advertising on Facebook offers a chance to introduce your brand and leave a lasting impression.

FB Ads are Facebook’s dedicated advertising, also known as Marketplace Ads. A typical FB ad features a headline, accompanying copy, an image, and a clickable link leading to either a Facebook page, app, or an external website.

Integrating FB ads into your overall Facebook marketing strategy is a viable approach for augmenting likes and driving clicks to your website.

Key features of Facebook ads include:

  • Built-in tools for measuring ad performance.
  • Geo-targeting capabilities are beneficial for local businesses.
  • While Facebook doesn’t disclose specific information about ad click-through rates (CTRs), general statistics indicate an average CTR of 0.051% and an average cost per click (CPC) of $0.80. However, the actual cost of a business’s Facebook marketing can fluctuate significantly based on chosen targeting options and competitive factors.

Leveraging Facebook advertising to increase page “Likes” holds considerable advantages. Once users like your page, they become followers, and your posts feature in their Facebook news feed. This fosters increased interaction with your brand, establishing relationships that may eventually lead to conversions in the future.

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5 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Turn Likes Into Leads 

Your Facebook followers present a significant opportunity for lead generation, provided you understand how to address their requirements. Here are five foolproof tactics for transforming likes into valuable leads, which will help you effectively harness Facebook marketing for lead generation.

Use Likes As a Gateway To Leads 

Like gates are becoming increasingly prevalent on Facebook, and the reason is clear. Typically, like gates are straightforward images with some text to lure more people to ‘like’ your page. Only upon completing this action can they access certain content or features. 

In other words, these gates are CTAs with a “like” button that lets people access gated content. Below is one of Sephora’s like gates, which lets you access premium makeup and beauty content when you like the page.

Sephora’s Like Gate

Source: HubSpot

Like-gating has become an effective means of transforming new likes into leads. After they’ve expressed their liking, offer them valuable content that they can access directly by filling out a form on your page.

Offer Exclusive Content To Facebook Fans 

Based on findings from ExactTarget, 58% of Facebook users appreciate exclusive content from business pages. 

You must be aware of Buffer, a social media scheduling service. Let’s see how it works on creating exclusive Facebook content.

Around 2016, Buffer reduced their posting frequency by 50%. Why? 

To allocate more time to create fewer but higher-quality posts to drive engagement. Instead of routine links and brief captions, they diversified their content with formats like posts featuring multi-paragraph captions, videos, and interviews.

Buffer reduced their average Facebook posts per day.


  • By 2018, Buffer reported a nearly threefold increase in the average weekly reach, rising from 44,000 at the experiment’s onset to 120,000
  • Daily engagements on the page also doubled, climbing from approximately 500 per day to around 1,000
  • Buffer asserted that in 2018, their posts reached between 5,000 and 20,000 people, a significant leap from the pre-experiment period when posts reached less than 2,000.
Buffer’s average Facebook daily reach increased

Leverage Features Like Live Stream 

Facebook live streams can turn your brand around. Wondering how? Let’s see.

You may habitually consider stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts on your morning commute, it might not be the first choice when shopping for Valentine’s Day.

To alter this perception, they orchestrated a holiday-themed Facebook Live video. The video, featuring the creation of a sizable wedding cake made entirely of donuts in their test kitchen, has amassed 44,000 views to date.

Lead Ads

The Fives Hotels & Residences, an upscale haven in Mexico, didn’t just navigate; they soared. Ever wonder how they turned the tide? 

Lead ads enable individuals interested in your products and services to subscribe and receive the latest updates from your business easily. 

Leveraging Meta’s suite of lead generation tools in conjunction with HubSpot CRM software, the company has achieved an impressive 50% growth in business since 2019. 

This was only possible through Meta’s customizable lead generation ads and tools, enabling customers to contact the hotel effortlessly with just a few clicks. These tools include forms (Lead Ads), phone calls (Call Ads), or messages (Ads that Click to Messenger), all directly accessible from ads served on Facebook.

The Fives leads ads CTA 

Optimize Your Page & Plan a Facebook Marketing Strategy 

To see what a well-planned page and Facebook marketing strategy look like, check out GoPro’s FB page. 

Upon visiting, you’ll encounter a stream of videos and images that exude adventure, action, and adrenaline. The brand saturates its feed with this captivating content—and it’s effective. Almost every piece of content they produce generates unparalleled engagement due to their deep understanding of buyer persona and what resonates with them. 

GoPro Facebook Page

Notably, a significant portion of their content is user-generated. By leveraging specific hashtags like #GoProMillionDollarChallenge, users can tag their videos, leading to potential features on the company’s Page. In the case of #GoProMillionDollarChallenge, users uploaded over 42,000 videos within four months, amassing an audience of over 10.7 million followers.

#GoProMillionDollarChallenge Campaign


Facebook maintains its undisputed status as the premier social media platform, reigning as the top choice for friends to connect and share online. 

Evolving beyond a mere social hub, Facebook has transformed into a pivotal space for businesses to engage with customers and promote themselves. Whether you’re a major corporation or a local business, Facebook stands out as a potent marketing tool, offering an invaluable space to keep customers informed and expand your outreach.

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