Marketing Podcasts: Top 5 Brands Going Beyond the Mic

Marketing podcasts have become a strategic approach to promoting products or services through audio content that proves to be an effective method for expanding reach, conveying brand narratives, establishing authority, and fostering word-of-mouth marketing. Over the past few years, there has been a significant 29.5% increase in the number of podcast listeners. Companies are now actively incorporating podcasts into their strategies.

Consider Response, a marketing company with a longstanding collaboration spanning over a decade with McAfee faced a persistent challenge in sparking discussions about digital security. 

The inspiration to address this dilemma struck when the team at Response, reflecting on the popularity of podcasts like “Serial,” envisioned the creation of the McAfee Podcast, Hackable, as an innovative and straightforward channel to engage and educate their audience.


Leveraging their own and internal platforms, including the website, social media channels, social champions, and blog entries, Response initiated the McAfee Podcast. The outcomes were remarkable – even among those who had never tried a McAfee product before, 65% developed a more favorable impression of the corporation. Following podcast consumption, 77% expressed positive sentiments, while an impressive 88% felt the podcast had imparted new knowledge. 

In this post, we will examine how marketing podcasts can help you reach your target audience and some famous marketing podcasts to inspire you to create your own podcast. We’ll cover

How Can Podcasts Help You With Marketing?

An increasing number of individuals are opting for podcasts over alternative marketing channels, drawn to the prospect of obtaining valuable, informative, and educational content from experts and industry leaders. 

Incorporating a digital marketing podcast into your overall marketing strategy can be highly beneficial for several reasons:

Engaging Content

Unlike other forms of content, podcasts are exceptionally engaging. Listeners can easily play and listen while performing everyday activities such as cooking, walking, or driving. The format allows for multitasking, making it a convenient choice for the audience and contributing to its increasing popularity.

Automated Engagement

Podcast subscribers automatically receive the latest episodes on their preferred devices, eliminating the need for brands to reach out to their target audience continually. Active engagement is fostered, with podcast listeners dedicating more than 25% of their time to podcast consumption.

Podcast Notifications

Marketing Podcasts have Low Barriers to Entry

Podcasts can be created from virtually anywhere, requiring minimal investment. Whether produced in a studio, at home, or on the go, podcasting is accessible to anyone, covering a wide range of topics without the necessity for a script. The cost of podcast creation is notably lower compared to other content forms.

Boosts SEO Strategy

Podcasts contribute significantly to SEO efforts. Including transcripts for each episode enhances keyword usage, driving traffic to your website. By incorporating links back to the website and managing keywords in titles and descriptions, podcasts become a valuable asset for SEO optimization.

Effectiveness in Influencing Purchases via Marketing Podcasts

Podcasts are more effective than other media in influencing consumer behavior. A survey of 300,000 podcast listeners revealed that 63% had purchased a product promoted by the show host. Additionally, 71% confirmed visiting the sponsor’s website after hearing about it on the podcast, emphasizing the impact of this medium on buying decisions.

Creativity Unleashed

Podcasts offer a creative outlet by not being bound by federal law guidelines like radio shows. This flexibility allows for more creative content and commercials, setting podcasts apart. Unique ad formats, with hosts delivering messages in the tone of the show, create a distinct and non-intrusive promotional experience for listeners.

Famous Marketing Podcasts To Listen For Inspiration

Here are a few of the most popular marketing podcasts you can listen to for inspiration and to learn more.

Unthinkable by Jay Acunzo

If you’re looking for engaging business discussions without the usual formality, Unthinkable by Jay Acunzo is a perfect choice. This podcast comes with strong recommendations, and its exceptional production quality and storytelling quickly make it evident why. Some of these episodes capture the essence of what one might wish their early-morning business school lectures had been like.

Unthinkable provides diverse perspectives and experiences from individuals across various business and creative sectors, offering a delightful blend of case studies and friendly conversations. The podcast includes Jay’s “One-Shot” monologue episodes, where he delves into a single topic for 20 minutes or less, all delivered in a seamless single take.


Stay QRious

The Stay QRious podcast is dedicated to delivering top-notch marketing content centered around QR codes. Episodes cover a range of subjects, including optimal use cases, effective sales and marketing strategies, and more.

Stay QRious

Explore various QR code solutions, discover insights on leveraging QR codes across different industries, and maximize product promotion through the use of cutting-edge online QR code generators.

Enhance your marketing expertise by tuning in to this podcast, gaining valuable insights into implementing contemporary marketing strategies with QR codes.

This Old Marketing

This Old Marketing, presented by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), is a podcast hosted by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, prominent figures in the field of content marketing. The podcast delves into current content marketing trends, offering insights on how businesses can effectively utilize content to engage and retain their customer base.

This Old Marketing

In every episode of This Old Marketing, Joe and Robert engage in discussions about headlines in the content marketing sphere and share their perspectives and opinions on the ongoing developments within the industry.

Everyone Hates Marketers

Louis Grenier hosts Everyone Hates Marketers, a straightforward and practical marketing podcast designed for those who are weary of aggressive and dubious marketing tactics.

Everyone Hates Marketers

In each episode, Grenier engages in insightful interviews with marketers and entrepreneurs who prioritize ethical marketing practices. The podcast is dedicated to assisting listeners in achieving increased website traffic, generating more leads, acquiring additional customers, and fostering long-term profitability through effective and ethical marketing strategies.

Distinguished past guests on the show have included notable figures such as Seth Godin, Nir Eyal, Rand Fishkin, Noah Kagan, and Sujan Patel.

Marketing Growth Podcast

Shane Barker hosts the Marketing Growth Podcast, formerly known as Shane Barker’s Marketing Madness Podcast. The primary emphasis is on providing listeners with actionable insights for achieving success in their digital marketing endeavors.

Marketing Growth Podcast

In each episode, Shane engages in conversations with distinguished digital marketers who divulge the growth hacks, tools, tips, and strategies instrumental in their business triumphs. The discussions span from behind-the-scenes revelations to the resources the guests leverage in their pursuits.

Past guests featured on the show include industry luminaries such as Rand Fishkin, Jeff Baker, Larry Kim, Bohumil Pokstefl, and Ted Rubin.


To elevate your marketing proficiency, it is imperative to delve into trending strategies. Marketing podcasts are invaluable resources for gaining deeper insights and refining your approach to social media content. Embracing this medium not only enhances brand recognition but also facilitates the establishment of a robust social media presence. By listening to podcasts, you can uncover tailored marketing campaigns that have the potential to boost your revenue significantly. 

So, embrace the power of podcasts and propel your brand to new heights.

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