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Top 8 tips to hack Video Content Marketing

Marketing has grown immensely over the years, from print ads to social media. Content has always been the focal point of marketing. With changing technology, video content marketing has gained momentum. Content marketing in its purest form is nothing but the production and online distribution of content that is educational and informative in nature.

 It began with the television and is the king on social media platforms now. 

What is Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing, or video marketing, is a method of digital marketing that utilizes video content in order to engage viewers and promote your brand. Video content marketing is a way to market your product via video that is appealing to the viewers through various video marketing tools.

Top Channel for Video Content Marketing

Youtube is not the only video content marketing channel, there are numerous others that market video content exceptionally well. People spend most of their time on social media. Although Facebook, Instagram is known for their image content, people spend a considerable amount of time watching videos as well.

Video content marketing, or video marketing, is a method of digital marketing that utilizes video content in order to engage viewers and promote your brand. Video content marketing is a way to market your product via video that is appealing to the viewers.

Tips to ace Video Content Marketing

The goal of any content is to convert online content consumers into prospects/customers. And also to provide enough information to current customers and convince them to become repeat buyers.

Educate the audience

With a video, you can do a number of things – develop a brand image, market your brand, engage the audience, educate the viewers about your product. Everything begins with telling the audience about your product.

First, they should know what is the product or service that you’re offering. Inform them why they need your product or service and what is special about your brand. Resonate with your audience.

Also, it is important to focus on what they can achieve with your product rather than only focusing on the features. For example, you can emphasize having 200 songs in your pocket rather than telling you that the phone has a 4GB memory card. This gives a sense of immediate connection with your product and a real-time solution to the problem they are most likely to be facing.

Engagement is the key to video content marketing

Engaging your audience is what most marketers fail at. Don’t be afraid to engage your audience. 

Engagement may not bring you buyers, on the first go, but it generates leads. It gets people excited and talking about your brand. The old-school word of mouth technique is put into action here. It is like setting a pendulum in motion, it stays in motion for a long time.

Make use of this time period. Launch another video or a product service that will transform your leads into customers. It brings a great return on investment. Remember you are not just informing your audience but you are engaging with them.

You are trying to sell them something or in better words, you are trying to make money out of their pocket which is a very difficult task, hence- Engage and entertain till the end.

Persuade the viewer

Keep a note to touch on the common points of your target audience yet to differ in every video. Create a need for your brand and persuade the audience to fulfill it using your product/service only. You have a target audience, use the buyer persona to convince them to buy your brand.

Do not persuade too hard or it might backfire but be consistent. Try to back all of your persuading attempts with some facts and data which help you sound unbiased and logical to your audience. It is highly likely that a viewer is impressed by your unbiasedness rather than a blank promotion and shoutout for any product.

Grab the attention

The first eight to ten seconds of any video are the most crucial. You either earn or lose a viewer in that time frame. Under any circumstances, if you are unable to hold a viewer for the first eight to ten seconds, forget about the quality of the video or anything your content has to say in the video.

So focus on keeping them glued to their screens and do not let them scroll in this time period at any cost. Pay attention to minute details like the color scheme, the visual appeal, sound, music, etc. This specific part should be informative because the information will catch the attention.

Again the information which is attractive or something that was hiding in plain sight. Something that amuses the user, contradicting the general notion.

The sense of sight and hearing will be involved which means we have two senses to allure. So music according to the genre of content just enhances the effectiveness of content. A muscle car introduction goes well with a rock sound while an emotional message is better delivered with soft music.

Quality in accordance with the quantity

You must not think in a way of beating quantity with quality. Nothing beats quantity in video content marketing. It is just that you can not at any point in time compromise with the quality of the video. Always remember that you may attract your audience once with heavy inputs over marketing, shoutouts, and other such means but it is the quality you deliver on any day that makes them stay. 

Use of subtitles

Most of the social media users today watch the videos on silent mode which means subtitles play a key role here. Although the music and voice need to be top-notch, you cannot neglect the importance of subtitles to connect with your audience.

Watching video content on social media with no sound is one of the common habits of today’s generation. In order to connect with today’s audience, your video should be foolproof. Make the videos eye-catching and effective.

Building Trust with your video content marketing strategy

Your audience has to trust you to buy your product or services. With a lack of trust, they are mere viewers who are simply binge-watching your video. In order to build trust, you must stick to quality standards and avoid any inflammatory content that might spark a row.

Strictly adhere to certified facts and information as 95% of people rely on a video that explains a product or service to achieve a better understanding. You will be losing a chain of customers if any content of your video is wrong. Earn the trust as it might take time but has higher and consistent returns in the longer run.

SEO Ranking

This is not something that a video content creator is unaware of. 

SEO ranking being the most crucial part of written content marketing yet most people lack the knowledge that videos rank the best in Google SERPs. To make your job easy you can also hire a content writing agency to create SEO-friendly copies. Posting a video on your website that is informative can really get you to the top of the table.

This is not just a term or subject to study but it is a tool which if properly exploited yields exemplary results.

Video Content Marketing is a trend that most people are yet to catch up on because they lack extensive knowledge of backend algorithms that comes into play as soon as you upload a video. The information you just read here is not openly discussed as it is not a part of any tutorial over “Video Content Marketing”. These are the ideas and concepts you need to know before investing in a shoot for your next product video.

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