Top 5 DIY video making tools

Smartphones have led to the growth of video-based content consumption by more than 100 per cent. Social media has given birth to many content creators who create relevant and informative content in various formats including videos using some amazing DIY video making tools. In fact, even digital marketers are increasingly using videos for brand promotions and advertising. 

One of the major reasons more and more people are creating video content so easily these days with different video content marketing hacks is because of the availability of multiple tools and software applications. Even though everyone may not be a professional video recorder and editor, anyone can use her/his phone and make videos using these tools and applications. These tools come in handy for every amateur and experienced content creator alike and empower them to spread their message across to their followers. 

Are you a video content creator looking for some amazing DIY tools to make videos that look formal and professionally edited? Here are the top five DIY video making tools that you should definitely check out:

  1. Stupeflix: This amazing tool is not just free to use but also, very simple and basic. Anyone can use this tool to create and edit videos. You can add the necessary text, photos, music, and videos of your own choice and create a completely personalized video for yourself and your audience. It is the perfect tool for beginners, because it may not be an advanced tool like an Adobe Premium Pro, but it has enough features to get you started with your first video within a few minutes. You can either choose from existing themes or create your own. 

Click on ‘make a free video’ and try it out for yourself!

  1. Wideo: Make sure you add this tool to your list of video making tools this time. With some amazing editing features and a very convenient interface, this tool helps you customize your campaigns on social media to make the best use of them.
  1. Adobe Premium Pro: True to its name, this editing tool lets you create and edit videos almost like a pro. Professional video editors also use this paid tool that comes in various formats for you to select from. As it is a paid tool, it has various features that an unpaid tool might not. You can import videos, edit multiple tracks at the same time, and do a lot more to make professional videos. It supports all types of video formats and works for both Windows and Mac PC. With this tool, you get fast editing and easy sharing of all your video files, all in on. What else can a video maker ask for?

Your journey from an amateur to a professional video maker looks like this!

  1. Animaker: This is one of the most trendy tools used by many people in the video making business.  As the name suggests, it is a tool to create animated videos. Animation videos are being used by personal brands and small & big businesses alike. If you too are an amateur, you can start by creating animated videos and still gather millions of views with the help of this tool. This cool tool is free of cost, all you need to do sign-up. The interface is very easy and follows the drag and drop template, which can be used easily by anyone who has a smartphone. You can choose from a bunch of already existing templates and categories and then customize them. You can also pump up your Instagram stories or make your videos informative by using graphs and charts. 

Your dashboard is ready for you! All you need to do to get started is here.

  1. Moovly: While this is another paid tool, you get to try it for free for the first 30 days. You can use these videos for multiple purposes:

See? These video making tools are not limited to social media but can also be helpful in business and education. You can add graphics, choose from existing templates or create your own icons to add to the video. 


Before you make a final decision to go ahead with one particular tool, it is a good idea to understand your requirements, the type of editing you will need for the video niche you are trying to get in, and then screen these tools to understand which one is ideal for you at the time. As you progress in your journey as a video maker, you will be better able to understand whether you need to change your tools after some time or require to use a new feature in an existing tool. Let these tools guide you towards creating some amazing videos that are so well-made and edited that your followers instantly connect with the content inside. 

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