Why Podcasts are the Next Big Thing in Marketing

Would you like to know what a Podcast is? In simple words, a Podcast is an audio programme, just like a radio talk show, but it is unlike any radio talk show. It is a series of episodes, of vocalized words, which a listener can download on his/her personal stratagem and listen to it anywhere at any time. The purpose of a Podcast can be to deliver a measure of encouragement to the listeners to make their lives more expressive and worthwhile.

Do you know? Ben Hammersley coined the term ‘podcast’ in The Guardian in 2004. Originators and customers have begun to choose podcasts over files, which have been forgotten, such as mp3, mp4, Ogg, and .wav. Podcasts have a strange history and various outlets have declared podcasts as the next big thing.

Podcasts for Marketers

Today, there is a lot of thrill in the market relating to podcasts where social media marketers can effectively use it to their advantage among their marketing strategies. It is being considered as the next big thing in the coming years. It acts as a source of advertisement because people do not have the time to sit and watch advertisements. Rather, they would invest their time in listening to music or podcasts, which can be heard on the go. Millennials are more of audio-freaks and prefer to listen or music and podcasts while working or continuing with their work.

Different voice-controlled systems like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri have become quite popular and have also made listening to podcasts easier. The audio-content of podcasts helps people to multi-task. Just pop on your headphones, switch on the podcast, and you’re good to go! The world has become a busier place than it was before, which has led to an increased demand for such mediums of entertainment.

Podcasts can be a great way to optimize social media marketing strategy, which various influencers are using to do the same. These podcasts are simple, but effective in bringing about a change in the lives of the listeners. When one is planning to choose a digital marketing strategy, podcasts must be an important part of it, for it to be successful. Planning it correctly will help in landing the correct target audience. Content is an important part of marketing today, and podcasts help to promote just that.

It provides people with different topics such as comedy, health, love, business, or even news and history. It engages with the listeners for a long time and keeps them informed of the happenings around them, in a creative way. It is not even expensive to release a podcast. If you have your own microphone, a laptop, or a PC, with good lighting, it is all set, you are all set!

Why Podcasting Matters?

1.  It can help you drive more website traffic for your business, because, since podcast naturally creates brand awareness, you are provided with the ability to add links to your site or every site that is associated with your business.

2.  Brand visibility is enhanced, as the name of your business, is more positively available everywhere.

3.  The opportunity for search saturation is created, which helps improve digital marketing strategies, from SEO to reputation management.

4.  It creates the ability to diversify your content marketing strategies, with the addition of an audio product, which can be seen throughout the online media.

5.  It allows your users to submissively use the podcast, as it does not require the full attention of an individual. One can simply work on other tasks and listen to the podcasts, thus creating positive feedback for the business.

6.  It helps in creating a loyal customer base, by creating timely episodic content, which is creative and keeps the listener focused. It is similar to the creation of timely blogs because the readers know when to expect new content from you, whether it is daily, weekly, or even monthly.

To have a successful podcast with the current generation, it is important to have consistent subscribers and individual downloads. Content is the king for all marketing techniques. To achieve this statement, many businesses have started their own blogs, while posting regularly. Podcasts are changing this, as they do not require any written posts. Organizations can use these podcasts to put out relevant, high-quality content easily, without the hassle of typing it and putting it out to the world. Podcasts are known for inspiring conversations among the clients and the businesses, which act as a source of marketing, as it creates positive word-of-mouth marketing.

According to the Search Engine Journal, there were around 48 million weekly podcast listeners in just 2018, and Statista has predicted that this will increase to 115 million listeners, before 2021.

Although not every market may find success through podcasts, most of them can successfully gain profits by using podcasts on a regular basis. To be able to use podcasts successfully in your marketing strategy, you should follow certain steps:

1.  Invest in quality equipment: To be able to create high-quality content, you should have access to improved technology, which is easily available at affordable rates.

2.  Create the content on a consistent level, which is relevant, informational, and of high quality: To be able to do this, proper research, dedication, and planning are required to gain the attention of the customers. They are attracted to content, which is educational, entertaining, and worth reading, which must also pertain to your business and brand, without affecting it in a negative way.

3.  Release the content on a relevant platform: Releasing the content on a platform that nobody listens to is not worth it. Among a plethora of platforms available out there, you must choose among the most relevant ones, so as to have a deep impact on the lives of the customers and gain their attention towards your brand.

4.  Inviting specialists to your podcasts will help bring new content and increase the audience.

5.  Start working with the existing podcasts if you do not have one of your own. Search for companies with the same target audience to create a wonderful episode together.

Podcasting has started helping companies to communicate with the audience present. With the lives of every individual on-the-go, it becomes easier to connect with the audience and tell their story anywhere, at any time, without the issue of focusing on one particular thing.


Podcasts are the most versatile method of marketing currently. With numerous podcast websites available freely, it becomes easier for listeners to listen to their favorite book, singer, or even author online, in the comfort of their homes, without having to step out. Tens of millions of people listen to a podcast every month, which gives you an opportunity to create a potential audience of occasional listeners. 

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