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Book Editing Services

You have written your book and are now on the way to the next big step: publishing. Whether you are a first-time writer making your debut, or an experienced writer with many publications to your name, book editing services are immensely important. A book editor is required for all kinds of books; fiction and nonfiction.

If you try a formal publisher, it's important that you have an error-free book that is more likely to be accepted. For self-publication, book editing services are important since there will be no second round of editors at a publishing house.

Book Editing

Why You Need
Book Editing Services

Book editing services have become an important part of a writer's journey to publication and success. With a professional book editor from italics, you can be rest assured that your manuscript is in good hands and that your final book will be the best version possible while retaining your originality and voice. There are many reasons why a book editor is needed because with the competition in the market, if you want to achieve success there is no room for error.

Unbiased Review

Being a writer, of course, you would be having excellent language skills, but when you write with passion, it's inevitable that some mistakes, even minor ones, will somehow creep into your writing. An unbiased opinion from expert editors can identify any errors that may be hidden in your masterpiece. A book editor will thoroughly examine your book and help in removing grammatical and structural errors while improving the readability and overall appeal to fresh readers.


As the word count of a written piece moves from hundreds of words to hundreds of pages, the need for clarity in thought and presentation becomes more important than ever. In a longer written piece, the risk of confusing the reader goes up exponentially, but you as a writer might not be able to catch the complications. A professional book editor can help ensure that the vision you have for your book has a fair chance of reaching the readers and that the book is clear, coherent and understandable with a straightforward structure.


If your work is your magnum opus, and you are sure that there are no errors, even then book editing services can be beneficial, as book editors can identify ways in which you can further improve your work. From structural suggestions to help improve the flow of the book to language suggestions to help in clarity, you might just find a diamond in the rough in your manuscript with our help.

Save Time

Writing a book is a major time commitment and lots of hard work, but now that you are done, it's time to relax and let our book editors take it from here. By opting for professional book editing services, you not only save the time, effort and frustration of going through your book with a magnifying glass, but you also end up with a finished product ready for publishing. As editing professionals, we complete the editing as you require and by when you require it.

Types Of Book Editing Services

There are various types of book editing services, based on the number of changes that are required through the editing process, ranging from light proofreading to developmental editing.


Proofreading is the simplest form of editing a book, and the quickest as well, which involves a general review of the manuscript by a book editor, identifying and correcting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typographical errors, and formatting errors. If you are fully confident about the content and structure of your book, proofreading can give it the final touch of refining and remove minor errors.

Copy Editing

Copy editing, also commonly known as line editing, is a more detailed form of book editing which involves reviewing the manuscript in-depth, examining sentence structure, flow, and cohesion from line to line. More than simple grammar and spelling, copy editing checks the accuracy of the language and overall readability.

Developmental Editing

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is the most thorough, detailed and comprehensive form of book editing done by an expert book editor who reviews the book structure and content in detail, looking at the book as an overall and suggesting changes based on the content, helping the book match its intended genre. In non-fiction, factors considered include readability, sequencing, checking on the flow, identifying any blank spots and making sure that the book is self-sufficient as a read-alone piece. In fiction books, developmental editing examines the plot, storyline, setting, characters, and pacing, helping identify any loose ends or confusing sections.

Fiction Vs Non-fiction Book Editing

There is a significant difference in the editing for fiction and non-fiction books, as the goals and content of these books are different. While a fiction book contains a storyline and aims to entertain the reader, a non-fiction book educates the reader about a specific topic and is factually correct. The language varies according to the target audience and their age group and knowledge level. At italics, we provide effective book editing services for fiction and non-fiction books, with highly capable professional book editors that can meet your and your book's needs.

Fiction Vs Non-fiction Book Editing

Our Pricing


USD 560/70,000 words

  • Fixing Language Errors
  • Professional editing and proofreading
  • Upto 1 Iterations


USD 980/70,000 words

  • Fixing Language Errors
  • Professional editing and proofreading
  • Sentence restructuring
  • Upto 2 Iterations
  • 2 calls with editor


USD 2800/70,000 words

  • Fixing Language Errors
  • Professional editing and proofreading
  • Sentence restructuring
  • Unlimited Iterations
  • Rewriting awkward phrases
  • Priority delivery
  • Unlimited calls with editor
  • Professional advise on structuring, flow and brevity

Key Elements That We Keep in Mind
While Editing A Book

Regardless of the type of book, there are certain elements that need to be kept in mind by a book editor during the editing process. Grammar is an important component of editing, as publishers, and readers even, expect the grammar used in a book to be completely correct with no scope of error. A proper structure of the book and seamlessness within the book are essential to retain the interest of the reader and facilitate optimal storytelling. Ideally, a book editor serves as an invisible hand, gently guiding your book and making it ready for the market.

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