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We are always looking for self-motivated, passionate people with high inclination for marketing communications. You could be an engineer, journalist, architect, medical professional, finance wizard, lifestyle guru or from any walk of life. We usually don't care about qualifications. Experience in relevant space is introspected. Talent and will to deliver matters the most.

Sounds like you? Below are the openings that might interest you:

  • Content Writer - Executive

    Experience: 0-2 years

    • As an entry level/lesser-experienced executive, we will consume you as a cub content writer, look to train you and have you work on some very exciting assignments. All we expect is a lot of passion and will to work hard.
    • You must be flawless with the English language
    • We always prefer a well-read person. Not just books but blogs, magazines, industry papers, etc
    • Understanding of communications on digital medium. A short course on the same would be appreciated
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  • Content Writer - Senior

    Experience: 2-5 years

    • You must have relevant experience in content writing for the digital medium.
    • Must be able to weave content and ideas for websites, blogs, social media without chewing Editor's mind
    • The English language skills must be advanced, versatile vocabulary and ability to play with words
    • More industries/topics you specialise in, more we are going to love you
    • Must be able to communicate with clients. Desk jockey is not enough
    • Experience of working with a renowned agency/brand will be considered more seriously.
    • We expect a lot of passion for this role. Bravehearts appreciated.
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  • Editorial Head - Associate

    Experience: 5-10 years

    • This is for serious candidates with extensive experience in delivering projects. Please don't apply otherwise. Let's save time.
    • Must be a passionate team leader and people's person who can communicate equally well with a client, senior resource and an intern.
    • Knowledge is paramount. If you are too good with one subject, but struggle with another, you might not fit. We are seeking a leader with awareness of what happens around.
    • Your written English should be magical. Nothing less would work.
    • You should be willing to have a versatile profile as you could be expected to participate in pre-sales, post-delivery engagement and also ensuring robust bottomline.
    • Project delivery will be a key indicator of your success. Be geared up to work hard. This profile is not for the weak-hearted
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  • Graphic Designer - Social Media/Web

    Experience: 2-4 Years

    • Must look at design as a revolutionary way of communication. Creativity should be your tool.
    • Should be able to churn out original and path-breaking designs
    • Must have prior experience of social media and web-based designs. Print people, we respect you, but we are not looking for you.
    • Willing to work independent, without too much guidance
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  • SEO Executive

    Experience: 2 years and more

    • Contemporary knowledge of SEO. You will be asked tough questions.
    • In-deth knowledge of Google Analytics and SEMRush.
    • Must have increased traffic of at least 5 websites manifold. Case studies will be given substantial weightage.
    • Agency experience preferred. If you have worked with a single brand, you might not fit.
    • Ability to perform SEO audits.
    • Good communications skills are preferred.
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