Culture at italics

our culture

At italics, we hire creative and enabled minds with the importance of fostering a self sustaining work culture. We have built and nurtured a culture of passion and commitment for a reason as our mission goes beyond revenue. At italics, we keep the success of our people and customer success even, as they level each other up eventually. Hence, despite the remote and hybrid model we have ensured to deliver the best.

A firm with a growth trajectory as steep as italics, enables its people who love challenges get a corresponding push in their careers helping them scale new heights. With over 15 years of experience, we are well on our way to becoming a truly global agency that empowers marketing function with powerful content. Our portfolio is not limited to big corporates, having worked with several unicorns and reputed corporates globally has added to our canniness.

And, it isn't just about work at italics. We like to host virtual get togethers and social events themed to festivities. Work along with fun is an integral part of our flourishing culture.

"We believe one can't be truly successful at italics unless they're true and passionate towards their work."

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