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Statement of Purpose Writing

Gone are the days when students could get admission in a reputed college just by submitting their previous graduation degrees and mark sheets, this is an era where the capability and skill of a person matters more than the piece of paper that contains a combination of alphabets and numbers, which we like to call as grades and percentage. In the epoch where an individual is judged for his/her overall personality and not for the number of degrees he/she has accumulated, it becomes imperative for students to put across the true selfhood in order to get admissions in the best institutions.

The best mode for representing the true identity of a student, before the institution, is via SOP.

Statement of Purpose, abbreviated as SOP, is the fine written content of about 700-1000 words that summarizes the biography of the applicant. It throws light on his/her past parable, present status and future goals. It also talks about the reason for choosing that particular institution. All in all, it facilitates the reader to have a better understanding of his/her nature, capabilities and caliber.

For the institution, it serves as the biodata of a candidate, which assists in making an important decision of whether to accept or reject the application for admission. From the pile of thousands of applications for a limited number of seats, the best SOP gets picked; and the rest, rest in peace. Thus, SOPs present a win-win situation for both candidates and institutions.

SOP is the new vita for the students to represent themselves as they want, in front of their preferred institution and get going on their career venture.

Since SOP is the fore-runner of the candidate and forms the first impression, it becomes necessary for it to be written truthfully and vigilantly. A creative approach in writing offers the reader an extra peep into the writing skills, command over language and grammar of the applicant. It also helps reader to discover applicant’s communication skills, which is now-a-days, a prerequisite for achieving excellence in any job, later in life.

Well written SOP graciously grants students the golden opportunity to apply for studies in their favourite institutions without getting turned down on the basis of their grades. SOP-writing is an upcoming service that provides well-written ad rem SOPs for aspiring students to get into the institutions of their choice. It can get them from 'institution they deserve' to 'institution they desire'.

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