Website Design

A quote based on website design and website development

Besides content which is considered pivotal for a website’s overall success rate, the design matters just as much. The easy access, the innovative features and the vibrant display of image and text speak volumes about the company’s image and also about their personal take on business related matters. The most important factor that goes into a successful website design is the coherency and consistency in style. A web page which either takes too long to load or has too many graphics leave the readers confused and irritated. On the other hand, a website which is user friendly, colourful, easy to grasp and does not take time to load is where users would go and scroll more than just once.

The most important feature that can make a website stand out would be crisp and clear images that go in sync with the written content. Vague images or graphics that do not co-relate to the content or copy seem out of place and thus make a lesser impact on the reader’s minds. Fancy fonts look nice if used judiciously and this is something that website design companies understand to the core. They avoid using too many fonts with different styles and stick to standard layouts since that tends to grab people’s attention a lot faster than something that seems complex.

Website design is the backdrop or the packaging for great content, and therefore you cannot have one without the other. Quality content without a great website design is like eating a great dish out of an unattractive bowl! Readers and consumers these days are attracted to things that stimulate their aesthetic sense, and therefore a website design plays great importance in enhancing the visual quality of a brand.

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